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RoaFen Standing Art

AkioAIR S1: REfract

Dungeon Explorer & Cartography Pixie



They would be brought together to fight back darkness. Each gifted a shard of the shattered crystal in hopes they could change the fate of their worlds. Worlds that had been irrevocably altered by the cruel touch of that darkness. One was from a would etermally at war with the darkness in one of its many storms, wounded, but not broken, they were detemined to continue the fight. to save and to heal others. One was from a wourld brought to ruin by the darkness. In a flash, they were left fatherless and alone, their kingdom gone. They were left with nothing but a song on the wind to guide them. One wandered amidst fragments of time, a prisoner within. Their existence as fractured as the memories of their past. And one was from the first world where it all began. Their birth the catalyst in what would hopefully bring an end to darkness.

My world was being changed, as theirs were forcibly being drawn together. And i am here to tell you their story. as is tradition of the most memoriable stories, let us begin with

"Once upon a time..."

RoaFen Standing Art