Fantasy has become part of our reality.

About Us

We value creative output highly so that great things can happen.


The world is large, and full of challenges.
The world is small, and everything is within reach.

Virtualization makes the world full of potential. Allowing people to seek the future they desire.

AkioAIR is not only just a company but even more of a fan.

We are willing to be the backbone of our talents; with creativity in their hands, we establish a stage that can be seen by the world.

Salads essentially are made of containers and carbon-based substances. Thus, sandwiches, burgers, and even everything on earth are salads.

Hey who wrote that last line?

Meet the Team 経営陣

  • CEO 代表取締役社長
    郭 宇軒 / Jason Kuo

    Software Developer and a member of the .NET Foundation. Works when provided with banana, being one of his favorite fruit.

    Previously assisted small Independent VTuber and help them grow as a side hobby, he decides to step forward and incorporate the company that not only it's primary goal is to discover talents with great potentials, but also develop tools and software to help grow the community as a whole.

  • COO 取締役
    黃 習文 / Vincent Huang

    System Engineer. Previously worked at National Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology (國家中山科學研究院). Obsessive with drones (allegedly). Now he just wants to plant some grass in his hometown and also work with AkioAIR.

  • CLO 取締役
    蔡 明和 / Nick Tsai

    Patent Engineer. Expert in Intellectual Property and other business law, Nick has assisted in many business lawsuit and court cases. Previously worked at law offices and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC 台積電).

    You don't want to be contacted by this guy.

  • Artist

  • Partnered Live2D Modeler
    李安瑟羅 Zelo

    Live2d Instructor and a seasoned live modeler with 200+ models made for commissions. She specializes in creating Live2D models for Virtual Talents and love to study Live2D / VTuber-related technology.

    (Oh well, or do things that she hasn't done before)

  • Editoral Team

  • Chief Editor

    A lovely and funny lad. In charge of reviewing most of our video and edits.

    Video Editor
    Nnaul / Morgath

    Video Editor

  • Honorable Mentions
  • Talent Coordinator
    Talent Coordinator and Assitant
    Luna Moore
    Mr. Penguin
    The One Accused of Procastination


Company Name
Company Id
Date of Incorporation
March 2, 2021
郭宇軒 Yu Hsuan, Kuo (Jason)
Directors / Supervisor
蔡明和 (Nick Tsai), 黃習文 (Vincent Huang), 馬美蓉 (Maggie Ma)
Company Type
Joint-Stock Company (Company Limited)
Scope of Business
  • Performing Arts Activities J602010
  • Software Publishing J399010
  • Audio Publishing J305010
  • Animation Film Production J404010
  • Retail Without Storefronts F399040
  • Intellectual Property Rights Service F601010
  • Electronic Information Supply Service I301030
  • General Advertising Service I401010


For general inquiry, you can contact us via mail: [email protected]

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